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This register, first published in 1989, was produced as a result of a survey of listed "buildings at risk" undertaken by the Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust. 

Appendix 1 contains a summary of the buildings which are Grade I or II* on the statutory lists and further details about what is being done to protect and preserve these buildings.

The present edition has 282 entries. Since the last edition in 1999, 64 buildings have been removed from the list and 31 added. Details of the buildings which have been removed from the register are printed in Appendix 2

The register is arranged in order of District or Borough Council, then alphabetically by parish or town. 

Many of the buildings listed in this register are not for sale, unless specifically noted. This does not mean that the owner is unwilling to sell his/her property. However, anyone interested in purchasing a building which is not identified FOR SALE is advised to contact the Conservation Officer either at the County Council or the Local Planning Authority. A list of Conservation Officers is printed on the following pages. 

The Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust was established in 1974. One of its primary aims is to identify neglected or abandoned historic buildings in the County in danger of decay or demolition, and to work for their preservation and modernisation without damage to their essential character. The Trust has carried out many exemplary schemes of restoration on "buildings at risk" within Derbyshire. 

The Trust's policy is to acquire only those buildings for which no other restorer or purchaser appears. 

For details of membership of the Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust please contact:- 

Andrea Hambleton

Tel: : e-mail  

Save Britain's Heritage is a charity which campaigns for the preservation of the architectural heritage. Save has also produced a selective register covering England and Wales. 

For further information contact: Adam Wilkinson or Ricky Reginejaszinski at Save, tel: (email: ). 


Amber Valley: Rob Thorley or Rachael Coates
Borough Development Department
Amber Valley Borough Council

: Kim Carlen or Chris McKinney
Department of Planning Services
The District of

: Jacob Amuli
Development Management Section

Derby City: Harry Hopkinson or Chloe Oswald
Development and Cultural Services Department
Derby City Council

Derbyshire County: Allan Morrison,  Paul Warren or Adam Lathbury
Environmental Services Department
Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire Dales: Tanya McBurney or Mark Askey
Planning Department
Derbyshire Dales District Council

Tel: / 
Erewash: Kerry Bennett
Technical Services Department
Erewash Borough Council

High Peak: Richard Tuffrey or Joanne Brooks
High Peak Borough Council

National Park: John Sewell, Catherine Mate or Becky Waddington
Peak District National Park Authority

Tel: /
North East Derbyshire: Ruth Connolly
Development and Leisure Department
North East Derbys District Council
The Council House

South Derbyshire: Marilyn Hallard or Philip Heath
Planning & Economic Development Department
South Derbyshire District Council


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